Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ben says Yes to: PERSUASION WEAR

Commercial Worth: This could end badly

We all know that subliminal messaging in advertising is banned. If it had to be banned it obviously works. Hide an image of a penis in your ad, all of a sudden sales of your product skyrocket, and no-one knows why!

Now Ben brings subliminal messaging to your regular, non-nefariously persuasive wardrobe. Eg: Going for a job interview that you really want to nail? You wear a lovely smart striped business shirt in which hidden in very tiny text is the message "I Provide Excellent Value as an Employee". Your prospective employer gets a glance whilst admiring your sense of fashion and bang! You've got the job.

Or going out with a chick you really want to nail? Wear a jacket which has the cleverly hidden message: "My Prospects as a Husband and Provider are Excellent". Or something along those lines. You get the idea.

There could be complete clothing ranges such as Get Ahead in Business Wear or Smart and Casual Relationship.

The possibilities for evil are endless. 

Smittys reaction: I really want a "This Concept is Excellent the Way it Is" suit.

1 comment:

  1. Next time I am on a date or at a job interview, I am going to take flash cards with tiny penises on them. I don't know what message it will send, but they will be fun to make and may break the ice during awkward silences.