Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ben says Yes to: THE SHRED-O-MATIC

Commercial Worth: Awesome

Bens ideas are vomiting forth thick and pungent at the moment.

How 'bout this one; it's a thin insert that sits over the fret board of your guitar that you're learning to play, and lights up in the spots to put your fingers. You could learn chords, entire songs, even long-winded heroic solos.

Just plug in it into your computer, choose a lesson, song etc, and you'll be shhhhreding within no time. 

Having attempted to learn the guitar many times, my biggest obstacle (other than laziness) is remembering finger positions. This idea would seriously solve a major problem when first learning. Imagine all the chicks I could have gotten with my mad skills. Shame.

Smittys reaction: C'mon, if no-one with a bit of motivation picks this one up, I'll lose all faith in capitalism.

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